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July 2012 Current Affairs for upcoming IBPS CWE

Are you searching for Current Affairs of July 2012? Here it is. We have announced some days ago in our Facebook Page about the publication of July 2012 Current affairs. Today we are going to post a list of top most important current affairs of July 2012 that will be considered as the sample general awareness questions for IBPS exam 2012. Have a check.

Q:   The Gross Direct Tax collection in April-June 2012-13 rose by -
A:   6.77 per cent

Q:   In April-June 2012-13 the Bank’s Credit rose by -
A:   1.2%

Q:   Who has been elected as the new chief minister of Karnataka?
A:   Mr. Jagadish Shettar

Q:   What is the full form of TUFS?
A:   Technology Upgradation Fund Scheme

Q:   Who is appointed as the chairman of Controller General of Account(CGA)?
A:   Jawahar Thakur

Q:   Full form of CERN is-
A:   European Centre for Nuclear Research (announces the existence of ‘God Particle’)

Q:   ISRO has recently announced about India’s first satellite launched in 2013. What is the name of the satellite?
A:   Astrosat (Dedicated to astronomy)

Q:   Name the new President of India.
A:   Mr. Pranab Mukherjee, 13th President of India

Q:   New Vice-President of India is-
A:   Hamid Ansari

Q:   India’s  supersonic BrahMos cruise missile has been tested in-
A:   Balasore, Odisha

Q:   How much amount of package did PM Dr. Manmohan Singh announce to Assam for the latest sectarian violence?
A:   Rs. 300 crore

Q:   India’s total public debt increased by -
A:   4.9 percent

Q:   Name the US cargo ship that carries humanitarian from USA to Cuba recently.
A:   Ana Cecila

Q:   Who is the Syria peace mediator from UN?
A:   Mr. Kofi Annan

Q:   What is the name of Russia’s upper house of Parliament?
A:   Duma

Q:   Who is the present President of Syria?
A:   Bashar al-Assad

Q:   Name the present Prime Minister of Greece.
A:   Antonis Samaras

Q:   Who is the president of Romania?
A:   Train Basescu

Q:   India’s which team won 19 medals at the Asian Cadet Championship held at Kyrgyzstan?
A:   Wrestlers team

Q:   Who has won the silver medal in men’s 25m rapid fire pistol in London Olympics 2012?
A:   Vijay Kumar

Q:   Who won the bronze medal in badminton in London Olympics 2012?
A:   Saina Nehwal

Q:   Who won the bronze medal in 10m air rifle in London Olympics?
A:   Gagan Narang

Q:   Who won the Scottish Open golf tournament 2012?
A:   Jeev Milkha Singh

Q:   India’s junior men’s squash team made history by winning the squash championship 2012 in Doha, Qatar. Which medal did they win?
A:   Bronze

Q:   Who won the German Grand Prix F1 title 2012?
A:   Ferrari’s racer Fernando Alonso (Spain)

Q:   How many events were in London Olympics 2012?
A:   302

Q:   How many athletes were in London Olympics 2012?
A:   10500

Q:   How many countries participated in London Olympics 2012?
A:   204

Q:   Who did carry the Indian National Flag in march past of London Olympics Opening Ceremony 2012?
A:   Sushil Kumar

Q:   On which day London Olympics 2012 was started?
A:   27th July

Q:   Who won the first gold medal in London Olympics 2012?
A:   Yi Siling (China)

Q:   Which Indian shooter won the first medal for India in London Olympics 2012?
A:   Gagan Narang (Bronze medal in 10 m air rifle)

Q:   Who won the Hungarian Grand Prix F1 championship 2012?
A:   Lewis Hamilton

Q:   Which country won the Euro Cup 2012?
A:   Spain(beat Italy at 4-0)

Q:   The winners of Wimbledon men’s doubles title 2012 are-
A:   Jonathan Marray and Frederik Nielson

Q:   Name the winners of Wimbledon women’s doubles title 2012.
A:   Serena and Venus Williams

Q:   Name the winners of Wimbledon mixed doubles title 2012.
A:   Mike Bryan and Lisa Raymond

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