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18 sample computer knowledge questions for IBPS Clerk/PO/SO/RRB exam

All who are preparing for IBPS RRB exam 2012 dated on 02/09.2012 check our sample IBPS questions that will be very useful for upcoming IBPS RRB exam. Many of our readers request us to give sample computer knowledge question for IBPS exam. Today we are going to post a set of 18 sample ibps computer knowledge question here. Hope you like it.

1)  Find out the input devices from the following-

A. digital camera, speaker
B. microphone, printer
C. keyboard, mouse
D. scanner, monitor

2)  If you want to save an existing document with a new name/ to a new location, then which command do you use?

A. save
B. new file
C. save and replace
D. save as

3)  What is the full form of DDR?

A. Dual divide rate
B. Divide data ratio
C. Dual data rate
D. Data divide rate

4)  Which of the following keys can be used in combination with other keys to perform special tasks and shortcuts?

A. delete, insert
B. Ctrl, alt
C. alt, tab
D. none of these

5)  Which of the following is an output device?

A. keyboard
B. monitor
C. mouse
D. scanner

6)  HTML stands for-

A. hide test multiple language
B. hyper text mark up language
C. hyper text multiple language
D. none of these

7)  The brain of a computer is -

D. Keyboard

8)  If you want to close a document from computer screen without mouse what keys do you use?

A. alt + F4
B. ctrl + F2
C. alt + F3
D. ctrl + F5

9)  To save contents of a document without mouse what keys are used?

A. ctrl + p
B. alt + c
C. ctrl + s
D. alt + v

10)  If you want to get 'Help' menu from where you will find it?

A. Restart
B. Turnoff
C. Start
D. None of these

11)  .bas, .html, .doc are examples of -

A. domains
B. protocols
C. extensions
D. database

12)  Which of following is not a internet browser?

A. Firefox
B. Google crome
C. IE 8
D. MS Office

13)  What is the other name of junk emails?

A. spoof
B. spam
C. spool
D. none of these

14)  The file extension of all Word documents is-

A. .txt
B. .doc
C. .fil
D. .wrd

15)  To correct errors in a program is known as -

A. Bugging
B. Compiling
C. Debugging
D. none of these

16)  The full form of CPU is-

A. computer protection unit
B. central processing unit
C. central processing upload
D. none of this

17)  Find out from the following that is not a computer programming language.

A. C++
B. C
C. Microsoft
D. Cobol

18)  What can be seen in Page Preview mode?

A. only the page you are currently working
B. all pages on your documents
C. only the title page of your document
D. none of these

Answer Key

1)C, 2)D, 3)C, 4)B, 5)B, 6)B, 7)C, 8)A, 9)C, 10)C, 11)C, 12)D, 13)B, 14)B, 15)C, 16)B, 17)C, 18)A

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