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20 Model GK questions for IBPS PO/SO/Clerk/RRB exam 2012

Searching for IBPS model GK question papers? We are giving here a list of important 20 model general knowledge/general awareness questions for upcoming IBPS exam 2012. Give a mock test sitting in your home.

1)  Who is the author of the book 'To A Hunger Free World'?

A.  Sonia Gandhi
B.  Amartya Sen
C.  Manmohan Singh
D.  MS Swaminathan

2)  What is the minimum age to become the President Of India?

A.  40 years
B.  35 years
C.  25 years
D.  30 years

3)  In which game 'Devis Cup' is associated?

A.  Football
B.  Lawn Tennis
C.  Chess
D.  Hockey

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4)  In which year the first Five-Years plan was launched in India?

A.  1948
B.  1947
C.  1950
D.  1951

5)  Where is the India's first Defence University set up?

A.  Haryana
B.  Delhi
C.  West Bengal
D.  Madhya Pradesh

6)  The purpose of 'Swayamsidha' scheme which is launched by The Indian Goverment is to help-

A.  Health workers
B.  School children
C.  Women
D.  None of these

7)  Find out the term that is not used in Lawn Tennis Game.

A.  Smash
B.  Gambit
C.  Volley
D.  Service

8)  Who is the author of the book 'The City of Joy'?

A.  V. Harrison
B.  Ingram Smith
C.  Guentar Grass
D.  Dominique Lapierre

9)  The personality Gagang Narang is famous in which sports?

A.  F1 Racer
B.  Air Rifle Shooter
C.  Footballer
D.  Badminton Player

10)  By whome the award 'Vachaspati Puraskars' is given?

A.  Birla Foundation
B.  Gujrat Government
C.  Uttar Pradesh Hindi Academy
D.  None of these

11)  In which game 'Subroto Cup' is associated?

A.  Cricket
B.  Hockey
C.  Football
D.  Polo

12)  Which rever is known as the 'Sorrow of Bengal'?

A.  Ganga
B.  Tista
C.  Kaberi
D.  Damodar

13)  Who is the author of the book 'Sandy Storms'?

A.  Sandeep Patil
B.  Rahul Dravid
C.  Kapil Dev
D.  Sunil Gavaskar

14)  Against which team Rahul Dravid had completed his 34th test century?

A.  Sri Lanka
B.  England
C.  Pakistan
D.  Australia

15)  Name the country which has the largest cheques truncation facility in Asia.

A.  Japan
B.  India
C.  China
D.  Mayanmar

16)  Who is the director of the award-winning movie 'Taare Zameen Par'?

A.  Sanjay Leela Banshali
B.  Mahesh Bhatt
C.  Ajay Devgan
D.  Aamir Khan

17)  The normal period of Kharif Crop is -

A.  July to October
B.  March to June
C.  May to October
D.  July to December

18)  In which country India does not have any of its banks' branch or office?

B.  Switzerland
C.  Nepal
D.  Russia

19)  In which year SAARC was formed?

A.  1972
B.  1971
C.  1985
D.  1965

20)  Hamilton is the capital of-

A.  Barmuda
B.  Handuras
C.  Jamaica
D.  Granada

Answer Key

1)D,  2)B,  3)B,  4)D, 5)A,  6)C,  7)B,  8)D,  9)B,  10)A,  11)C,  12)D,  13)A,  14)B,  15)B,  16)D,  17)A,  18)B,  19)C,  20)A

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