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20 Sample General Awareness questions for IBPS PO/SO/Clerk/RRB exam 2012

Some days ago we have post Top 22 current affairs questions of May 2012 that is helpful for upcoming IBPS exam for Clerk/Po/Specialist Officer/RRBs. Today we are going to discuss 20 sample general knowledge question for IBPS exam 2012. Each question has four options and at the end of each question you will find a button saying Show Answer, by clicking this button you will see the correct answer. Lets take a mock test for IBPS exam 2012 sitting at your home.


1)   Who designed the symbol of Indian Rupee?

A. D Uday Reddy

B. D Kumar Raju

C. D Udai Kumar

D. D Udit  Kumar

2 )  Who wrote the book 'The Masque of Africa'?

A. Tony Blair

B. V S Naipal

C. Jhumpa Lahiri

D. M S Swaminathan

3)   Which of the following country relates to 'Jasmine Revolution'?

A.  Lybia

B.  Sudan

C.  Tunisia

D.  Egypt

4)  Who announced the first Industrial policy in India in 1948?

A.  J L Nehru

B.  Sardar Patel

C.  S P Mukhejee

D.  S Chetty

5)   Which team has won the first Indian Premier League (IPL)?

A.   KKR

B.   Mumbai Indians

C.   Chennai Super kings

D.   Rajasthan royals

6)  The amount of food grain under the Annapurna Scheme is provided to an eligible person every month is ________________

A.   10 kg

B.   5 kg

C.   7 kg

D.   15 kg

7)  Which of the following is a zero based budget?

A.   Balance budget

B.   Deficit budget

C.   Surplus budget

D.   All of the above

8)   Whose signature is present in Ten Rupee notes?________________

A.   Governor of RBI

B.   Chaiman of SBI

C.   Finance Secretary

D.   Finance Minister

9)   The maximum share in National Income of India constitutes
in __________

A.   Primary sector

B.   Secondary sector

C.   Tertiary sector

D.   All of the above

10)   Who had scored first 10,000 runs in International Test cricket?

A.   Sunil Gavaskar

B.   Sachin Tendulkar

C.   Ricky Ponting

D.   Brain Lara

11)   Pankaj Advani is associated with________________

A.   Shooting

B.   Badminton

C.   Boxing

D.   Billiards

12)   UNESCO gives the award_______________

A.   Pulitzer prize

B.   Kalinga prize

C.   Man Booker prize

D.   None of this

13)   Open Market Operation (OMO) is carried out by________________

A.   RBI

B.   Finance Ministry

C.   Ministry of Commerce

D.   Planning Commission

14)   Who is known as the 'Father of Modern India' ?

A.   Mahatma Gandhi

B.   Subhash Chandra Bose

C.   M G Ranade

D.   Ram Mohon Roy

15)    The book 'The God of Small Things' is written by _______

A.    V S Naipal

B.    Chetan Bhagat

C.   Anita Desai

D.   Arundhati roy

16)   Who is the national ambassador of the UNICEF at present?

A.   Amitav Bachchan

B.   Sharukh Khan

C.   Salman Khan

D.   Amir Khan

17)   From which country US President Barack Obama decided to withdraw 10000 troops at the end of 2011?

A.   Iraq

B.   Pakisthan

C.   Iran

D.   Afganisthan

18)   Rauf is a tribal/folk dance of ________________

A.   UP

B.   Bihar

C.   Jammu & Kashmir

D.   Rajasthan

19)   Which of the following country has decided to increase bilateral trade to $200 billion by 2020 with Russia?

A.  India

B.  China

C.  Japan


20)  The minimum age to be nominated as a member of Lok Shabha is

A.  30

B.  25

C.  35

D.  21

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