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15 Sample General Awareness Questions for IBPS RRBs 2012 Exam

We have announced few days ago to post sample GK questions for IBPS RRBs 2012 exam. Today we are going to post here 15 such sample questions which would be very useful for upcoming IBPS RRBs 2012 exam. Judge yourself !

1)  Name the India's Nuclear capable surface-to-surface missiles_______________

A.   Agni-I

B.   Arjun-II

C.   Dronacharya-II

D.   Edusat-IV

2)   The book written by Chetan Bhagat is________________

A.   Purpose of LIfe

B.   My Life

C.   Three Mistakes of My Life

D.   Shalimar the Crown

3)   In which of the following countries 'Grameen Bank', the bank of poor is present?

A. India

B. Sri Lanka

C. Nepal

D. Bangladesh

4)   In which game Santosh Trophy is associated?

A. Cricket

B. Football

C. Badminton

D. Chess

5)   On which day International Mother's Day is observed?

A. Second Sunday of May

B. First Sunday of June

C. Second Sunday of June

D. Fisr Sunday of April

6) With which of the following country India has done 123 Agreement?

A. England

B. France

C. Russia


7)   The full form of FII is________________

A. Foreign Institutional Investment

B. Formal Investment in India

C. Final Investment in India

D. Fair Institutional Investment

8)   Name the public sector unit from the following options.________________





9)   In which country Federal Reserve organization is present?

A. France

B. Canada


D. Japan

10)   "Nation Banks on us" is a punch line of which of the following banks?

A. IDBI Bank

B. Corporation Bank

C. Bank of India

D. UCO Bank

11)  Usain Bolt, a world famous sprinter is a citizen of which of the following countries?


B. South Africa

C. West Indies

D. Jamaica

12)  The political party of late Benazir Bhutto is________________

A. Pakistan's People's Party

B. Muslim League

C. Pakistan National Congress

D. None of this

13)   World's biggest consumer of gold is________________

A. Japan

B. India


D. Russia

14)   The author of the book 'Namesake' is________________

A. Shobha De

B. Vikram Seth

C. Jhumpa Lahiri

D. Kiran Desai

15)   Who is appointed as the new Chief of Naval Staff on June 5, 2012?

A. Devendra Kumar Joshi

B. Vikram Singh

C. Nirmal Verma

D. None of this

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